Sweet Potato Frying Pan Side Dish

Sweet Potato Frying Pan Side Dish

Sweet Potato Onion Pepper Mix done
Sometimes when you make a nice meal, such as chicken or fish, you want to pair it with a nice side dish. The only problem with that is sometimes you just don’t really know what to make. Some nights you may feel like having French fries, or pasta, or even just a regular baked potato. This recipe is really the perfect middle ground to all of those wants.
It’s easy and fast to make and will leave you and your family wanting more. Since it’s that time of year with the holidays abound, this is a great recipe to add to a Thanksgiving feast or any other holiday dinner you might have planned.
The amount in this recipe is for 3-4 people so if you want to make more, just double the recipe. As a warning though, depending on the size of the pan, you may only be able to fit the original amount and will need to cook each additional amount separately.
So if you’re ready to make a healthy, sweet potato mixture, let’s get to it!

Ingredients You Will Need:

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Right now we use Filippo Berio)
• Three Medium Sweet Potatoes (You will need to pre-cook them. To do so, poke holes into the potatoes and pop them in the microwave anywhere between 3-4:30 minutes a couple of times, or until they are soft. This way, when you place the potatoes in the pan, the time to make the entire dish will be cut down dramatically and the potatoes will be nice and soft)
• Onion
• Garlic
• Red Pepper
• Green Pepper
• Italian Seasoning
• Garlic Powder

Materials Needed:

• Small Mixing Bowl
• Wax Paper
• Flat Spatula
• Frying Pan
• Microwavable Plate
• Knife

Our version includes green and red peppers, garlic, onion, and spices to enhance the flavor of the sweet potatoes and to make it a little healthier.
You will first want to wash off all of your potatoes and to do so, just take a little soap to clean them and then rinse them off with warm water. We don’t peel off the skin so we just want to make sure it’s as clean as possible. You can take a potato scrubber to clean them off more vigorously, but we just stick with the soap and water trick.
Before popping them into the microwave, just cut off any bad spots and then poke holes in them with the knife so that when they cook, the air will have a way to escape or else the potatoes will become little fireworks. When setting a time for them, we generally start off with 4:30 and then flip them over, microwave again at 3:30, then if they are still not soft (they feel soft when you press on them and may even look a little wrinkly), we put them back in and microwave an additional 1:30 or so. Each microwave is different, so you will just need to watch them.

Baked Sweet Potatoes
While they are cooking and cooling, you can take this time to cut up your vegetables. You can use the whole pepper when it comes to the red and green peppers, or you can just use half. If you are someone who really enjoys peppers, we recommend the whole vegetable, and if you are someone who likes just a little, we recommend just using half.
With the onion, we typically slice of a ¼ inch thick worth and then chop into small pieces ranging from ¼ inch wide to an inch. But you don’t have to take out a ruler or anything as you can chop onion up into as big or small pieces as you’d like. With the garlic, be sure to take out the middle part of the clove and then once done chopping it up, allow it to sit for 10 min or until your potato mixture is almost done in the frying pan.

Pepper and Onion mix
Once your potatoes are all baked, cut them into slices, then again into halves or thirds. WARNING: The potatoes will be VERY HOT after they come out of the microwave. Cut with caution (you can microwave the potatoes ahead of the time you plan to make this mix so that way they will be cool and you won’t have to worry about playing hot potato).
Place the cut up potatoes into the frying pan and pour a tablespoon or so of olive oil over them (with the olive oil you can eye ball it but just be sure not to add too much as it can be fattening (even though it is a healthy fat, you still must watch how much you use)). You just want enough to lightly coat the potatoes. Pour seasoning of desired amount over potatoes.
Turn your burner on to just over medium heat and allow to cook, stirring occasionally to ensure an even cooking for the potatoes (trust us, if you let one side sit they will burn – it’s okay to have some look like that, but you don’t want all of them like that). This process should take anywhere between 10-15 minutes, depending on how crunchy you want them to be.
Once you feel like the potatoes are just about done, throw in the peppers, onion, and garlic. Mix the vegetables in and cook until onions are just see-through.

Sweet Potato Onion Mix pre fully cooked

Sweet Potato Onion Pepper Mix fully cooked
At this point, your mixture is now completely cooked and can now be served next to your favorite dinner, lunch (which, by the way, this mix makes a great left over option) or at your next holiday event.

Sweet Potato Onion Pepper Mix done
Enjoy! 😀


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