White Chocolate Peppermint Brownies

White Peppermint Chocolate Brownies

Peppermint White Chocolate Brownies Up Close
One thing that comes to mind when Christmas is near is minty flavored goodies. Much like pumpkin pie is synonymous with Thanksgiving, mint seems to be the same way but for Christmas and just winter time in general. Since that’s the case, we decided to start off the Christmas season with some good ‘ole mint flavored chocolate brownies.
These brownies can be seen as a fudgy, but no too fudgy, type of brownie. While each individual will define what kind they are to themselves, one thing everyone will agree on is just how good they are and how fast they seem to go.
So let’s get our chocolate on!

Ingredients You Will Need:

• 2 XL Eggs (Eggland’s Best is our preferred brand)
• 1 Bag Ghirardelli 60% Chocolate Chips
• 1/3 cup Light Brown Sugar
• ½ tsp Salt
• 1 cup Unbleached White Flour
• ¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil       
• 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
• ½ tsp Peppermint Extract
• 2 tbsp Ghirardelli White Chocolate Bar, Melted (you will be melting the whole bar, but you only need a little to add into the brownie mix. The rest will be used for the topping)

White Chocolate Peppermint Topping

This will be made using the remaining amount of melted peppermint infused white chocolate that did not get used in the brownie mix.

Peppermint White Chocolate Brownies 2

Materials Needed:

• Wax Paper
• Measuring Spoons
• Large Mixing Bowl
• 2 Medium Mixing Bowls (make sure one is at least microwave safe)
• 1 Small Microwavable Mixing Bowl
• Rubber Spatula
• Measuring Cups
• Large Plastic Mixing Spoon
• Liquid Measuring Cup
• Flat Spatula
• Plastic Wrap
• 8×8 Glass Pan
• Non-Stick Spray
Turn oven on to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
To start, measure out your flour and salt and mix together in one of the medium mixing bowls.

Flour salt mix brownies
In the large mixing bowl, beat the eggs until well mixed. Add in the sugar, oil, and vanilla and mix until well combined.

Egg mixed brownies


Egg, sugar, vanilla mix brownies
In the other medium mixing bowl that is microwavable, pour the entire bag of chocolate chips into it and melt it by microwaving for 1:00 first, then :30 intervals after until smooth.

Melted chocolate brownies
Pour the melted chocolate into the liquid mixture and mix until combined. Mix in the flour and salt mixture and stir until you no longer can see any visible flour. Take your glass pan and spray with the non-stick cooking spray and wipe it around the pan until the bottom and sides are covered. Pour brownie mixture into pan and spread evenly.
In the small microwavable bowl, melt the white chocolate the same way as the other chocolate as before. Add in the peppermint extract. Take about 2 tablespoons worth of the melted white chocolate and mix into the brownie mixture.

Brownie and White chocolate pre bake mix

With the rest of the white chocolate, place on a piece of plastic wrap and form a rectangle by wrapping the plastic wrap around the chocolate to form the shape. Place in refrigerator and allow it to cool.

white chocolate
Allow brownie mixture to bake for 15-20 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

Brownies topped with white chocolate
Once brownies have been baked, allow to cool just until they are slightly warm to the touch. At this point, take the white chocolate you put in the refrigerator out and break into pieces of varying sizes. Place the chocolate all over your brownie mixture. Cut brownies into squares and enjoy either slightly warm or wait until completely cooled. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. 😀

Peppermint White Chocolate Brownies


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