Banana Cake Bars

Banana Cake Bars 5

Some days you really just crave something sweet like chocolate. You don’t know why, but all of a sudden your brain tells you that it needs that sweet, smooth concoction in order to continue on with the day. Other times, you don’t just crave the chocolate, but an entire cake with it in it. It’s like this controlling power that makes sure that the rest of your day is focused on this and everything you smell is that rich, deep scent of that goodness.
Well, one of those days happened to fall upon us. It was a snowy day so it was a perfect day to break open the pantry and see what we could make so satisfy that craving. We did consider that we could simply have just a piece of chocolate, but it just didn’t seem like it was enough. Not today. We looked around to see what we had and noticed that we had some bananas lying around that were well ripened. We didn’t want to make muffins with them but we didn’t want to throw them away either. After all, they weren’t to the point of being unusable. Continue reading


Clean Out Your Vegetable Drawer Veggie Egg Hash


Veggie Egg Hash 6

Eggs are an incredible food. They offer so many benefits and can be used in so many recipes to create wonderful things. But let’s say you weren’t feeling up to making a cake or cookies or really anything that required so many different ingredients. We didn’t either today.

So we created a vegetable egg hash! It’s similar to how an omelet is made, only you never commit to making it one. This is honestly a great choice if you’re looking for something with a lot of wholesome vegetables and a little bit of egg. It’s especially a great recipe if you need to clean out some of those veggies that have been there for a few days. Continue reading

Not Your Average Tomato Sauce Sauce

Tomato Sauce 1

Since sweets and protein bars aren’t the only thing that you should eat, here is a recipe for you that will change up your thoughts on tomato sauce. This won’t be your typical sauce that you see in jars and on top of pizzas, but rather a sauce that takes raw tomatoes and makes them better.
We use this sauce mostly to add to chicken dishes, pasta dishes, or meatballs. You can even add it to your own pizza if you want however, we have found that it just compliments the three dishes stated above. Occasionally we will add sauce from a jar (separately) to have that saucy touch in a meal, but other times it’s not needed.
The nicest part about this recipe is that it doesn’t take long to make nor does it take very long to cook. You should give yourself a half hour to dice the veggies and cook them. Feel free to try different seasonings as well.
This recipe can serve 3-4 people easily. Continue reading

Chocolate Oat Protein Cookies

Protein oat cookies 2

Cookies are always a tasty little treat to have. They’re easier to make than a cake and fun to shape and add almost anything you can think of to make them even more perfect. I would say you could see them as somewhat of a comfort food. Cookies are sweet, crunchy, soft, gooey, and a great dessert (or as a guilty little snack ;)).
However, most cookies contain a lot of extra sugar and ingredients that really don’t bode well for us (we’re looking at you partially and hydrogenated oils…). You want something that not only tastes good, but something you won’t feel necessarily guilty for having several afterwards. That’s why we created Chocolate Oat Protein Cookies for the month of January. We figured this month would be about aiding many of you in your quest for a healthier you by creating various food items that would not only be on the healthier side, but the more filling side as well.
Don’t get us wrong, Valentine’s Day is coming up and let’s be honest – it would be very difficult to not indulge around that time of year. After all, to us it’s really the unofficial chocolate day. So be sure to look out for some goodies next month.
But for now, let’s keep on course with starting out this year with wholesome choices. So grab your scoop and protein powder and let’s roll!

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