Love, Fudgy Brownies

Brownie Heart 2-1

Today is Valentine’s Day and what better way to celebrate this day of chocolate…*cough*…excuse us…day of love…than with some fudgy brownies! These are sure to impress anyone including yourself and people will be wondering if you bought them from a bakery or even from a restaurant.

For a little while now, we have been talking about brownies and how there are so many kinds. There are cake brownies, fudgy brownies, blonde brownies, in-between brownies, frosted brownies, etc. But the one that seems to always be in the forefront of everyone’s minds when they think of this devilish treat is…drum roll please! Fudgy ones! Continue reading


Cookie Dunkers Made With Love

Cookie Dunkers 1

In case cupcakes aren’t your thing, here is a cookie that is sure to please not only you, but those around you who might sneak a few too. Having taste tested these ourselves, we can confidently say these are some seriously good cookies. They’re soft, there’s no funny aftertaste that the cookies you buy in the store have, and they are light and just sweet enough, especially with the right toppings.

Many of the recipes that we share with you are experimentations that we come up with based on our taste preferences. In this recipe, we included almond extract since we really love the taste of it as well as chocolate because…well, it’s chocolate. “Nuff said. Continue reading

Be My Valentine Cupcakes

Vday Cupcakes 2

It’s that time of year where love is in the air and it’s celebrated by cards, teddy bears, and best of all, sweets! Truthfully, the one sweet that comes to our minds is chocolate followed by more chocolate. It just can never do you wrong and is always there for you. Not to mention it seems to go with just about everything. Continue reading