Easter Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Easter cookies 2

Since Easter is a holiday for families to gather and enjoy one another’s company, there will be many taste buds to please.  While the main course is generally the place where the judgement occurs, the dessert course is a place where there will always be those who look forward to what’s being offered.  However, not everyone will enjoy something being offered, especially if only one goody is there to help cleanse the palate from dinner.

Easter cookies 4

That’s where cookies come into play.  They are always a favorite, something that most people can enjoy and feel like they had a real dessert.  Sugar cookies especially since any flavors can be added and the look and design can be anything you want.  We honestly enjoy making these since you can cut and decorate how you please and can make them as colorful as you want.  Not only that, they’re extremely easy to make.

That said, this post really won’t necessarily be about the recipe but rather about giving you an idea of just what you can do with them.  If you do want to know the recipe, just check out our Santa’s Mix — Christmas Sugar Cookies  recipe.  It’s been a tried and proven recipe that guarantees a nice cookie that’s pliable and tasty.

Easter cookies 1

What we wanted to do with ours was make something that really said Easter.  We wanted to design them so they would be bright and eye catching so that you not only could enjoy biting into them, but had fun eating them too.  You can use any flavoring you want to enhance or change the taste.

We used Easter cookie cutters by Wilton—a bunny shape and an egg shape.  The cutters worked extremely well with no dough sticking to either of them.  The food colors we used came from a pack of 4 neon gel food colors by Wilton.  We only used a drop in each small bowl of powdered sugar with just enough water to make a paste that was spreadable, but not runny.  The trick to that is to allow the water to drop into the dish and mix and repeat until you reach that consistency you seek.  After that, you just spoon small amounts onto your cookies and spread.

Easter cookies 3

This truly is a recipe that allows you to use your own creativity.  If you want to make flower shapes or carrots or even baskets, go for it!  The reason we created this cookie recipe to begin with was to show you that you really can enjoy baking and to involve the whole family in on the process.  So if you’re needing a last minute idea and you want to showcase your inner artist, grab a spoon and start mixing.


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