The Secret Ingredients-Who We Are

Hello to All!

We are a group of 3 who love to bake and cook and taste each and every recipe made, successful or failed.

Our aim is to try to make that delicious goody be a little better for you, at the same time tasting just as good, if not better.  We will also include meal recipes to help balance out that sweet treat.  Our meals are based around the same principal and therefore, you will find them to be healthier and quite possibly tastier.

We are not professional bakers or chefs, but we have been mixing, stirring, chopping, and creaming for several years.  We are proud to say that everything is made from scratch as we try to avoid products with unnecessary ingredients.

Since baking and cooking can sometimes seem a little tedious or even frustrating, we will try our very best to make sure that what we share with you is easy to follow and the ingredients easily obtainable.

We are big fans of celebrating the holidays and so you will find numerous concoctions on our site based around the time of year when they are here.  That said, I know not every month has a major holiday, but have no fear!  Each month we will have a theme for you to keep things spicy.  To top everything off, throughout the year we will be celebrating national food days by creating either the actual item being celebrated or making something that has the particular food item in it.

Let’s get baking and cooking!


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