Springtime S’mores

Spring Smores 2

If anyone tells you or has told you that s’mores are only for certain times of the year or for camping, don’t speak to them anymore.  They don’t know what they’re talking about and are missing out on so many opportunities to have this delectable treat.  Who wouldn’t want to have marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers anytime of the year? Continue reading


Easter Blondie Brownie Surprise


Easter Brownies 1

If you’re a fan of brownies and enjoy sinking your teeth into a chewy, fudgy treat, you’ll love these.  These brownies are not the typical blondie brownie nor are they a regular chocolate one.  While they do have chocolate in them, it really doesn’t take away but rather makes them perfect.  Since Easter is so colorful and vibrant, the chocolate eggs are a good way to add those colors into an otherwise dull colored dessert.

When these brownies come out of the oven, you will probably look at them and wonder if they really are a brownie or not.  But don’t let appearances fool you – these are without a doubt brownies.  If you allow them to fully cool before eating one you will find them to be incredible.  Even waiting a day makes them even better. Continue reading

Love, Fudgy Brownies

Brownie Heart 2-1

Today is Valentine’s Day and what better way to celebrate this day of chocolate…*cough*…excuse us…day of love…than with some fudgy brownies! These are sure to impress anyone including yourself and people will be wondering if you bought them from a bakery or even from a restaurant.

For a little while now, we have been talking about brownies and how there are so many kinds. There are cake brownies, fudgy brownies, blonde brownies, in-between brownies, frosted brownies, etc. But the one that seems to always be in the forefront of everyone’s minds when they think of this devilish treat is…drum roll please! Fudgy ones! Continue reading