Black Magic Cake


It’s that magical time of the year again where witches and warlocks and monsters of all kinds come out to celebrate.  This year is looking to be nothing less than spooktacular (;))!

It seems that more and more people this year are looking to have fun with Halloween and quite frankly I can see why.  What other time of the year do you get to dress up as whatever you want and enjoy the bright orange, purples, and greens and any other color affiliated with this holiday? Continue reading


Santa’s Mix

Santa’s Mix

Christmas Sugar Cookies-Santa's Mix
Christmas Sugar Cookies
It’s that time of year when the man in the red suit magically fits down your chimney to deliver wonderful gifts to all the good boys and girls. The tree is on, glistening in the light being emitted from the warm fireplace, the stockings hung above waiting patiently to be stuffed, and of course your cat or dog laying cozily on the sofa nearby.
It’s a perfect scene straight out of a book, yet there’s something you don’t see when you look! What’s missing you ask yourself as you survey. Alas! It’s the cookies for Santa Clause you say. With that you’re off to the kitchen to bake, but quietly to ensure the children do not wake. But how will you make the perfect cookie that would be approved by the best cookie taste tester in existence? Well, with this delicious Santa’s Mix cookie recipe, for instance…
You grab for your sugar, your eggs, and your flour! And with that, you are ready to bake for the next hour! Continue reading